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Papier Skulptural
group exhibition 
Verein für aktuelle Kunst 
Oberhausen / Germany
>> Verein für aktuelle Kunst website

solo exhibition
super bien! greenhouse for contemporary art
Berlin / Germany
>> superbien website

site specific longterm project  
Kupferstich-Kabinett / Graphic Collection
Residenzschloss / Royal Palace Dresden Germany
2020 – 2021
Implicit Movement
group show curated by Dr. Burkhard Brunn

Konrad Fischer Galerie 
Berlin Germany
postponed to January 2021

Thomas Rehbein Galerie
Cologne Germany
opening 27.11.2020

Tree of Life
roof top garden with sculpted plants and sound objects
Dian Woodner Collection, Woodner Company Building
New York City USA
2014 – ongoing (with a break in 2020)

Raumzeichnung Rotunda Project
solo show curated by Rosamund Garrett PhD
Brooks Museum of Art Memphis TN USA
postponed to 2021

Oil Beauty and Horror in the Petrol Age
group exhibition
Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg Germany
opening June 2021

Helix (Raumzeichnung Uppsala)
permanent, site specific sculpture
Hubben Uppsala Science Park, Uppsala Sweden
> project page on t-r-a-n-s-i-t