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  The Making Of Forming Something New

solo exhibition at Galerie Crone Ground Floor & First Floor, Berlin/Germany

Ground Floor:
generative drawing on 454 pages via fax transmission sent to Reykjavik Art Museum
between September 2014 and January 2015
Collector’s Edition and artist book with eponymous title, edited by Monika Grzymala
published by Galerie Crone Berlin Wien/Monika Grzymala
ISBN 978-3-00-050682-6 available at Galerie Crone

First Floor:
architectural intervention for exhibition
Close Up photographic paintings, silver gelatine prints on baryta paper,
series of 7 detail views of  spatial drawings in year 2015
Raumzeichnung (cloud) 8 km clear PP tape
Raumzeichnung (shifting) 1,5 km black paper tape
RMX sculptures of deconstructed installations from year 2015

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